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Shayna Egan

Shayna maintains a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Northern Illinois University’s Metalwork, Jewelry Design and Digital Fabrication program, as well as a master’s degree in fine arts from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

A true artist, she enjoys making all types of objects, whether they be small like jewelry or large furniture and sculpture. Shayna spent 10 years working as a guitar technician, teaching her the patience and precision necessary for making the transition to working with metals. 


“No matter how much you learn there is always something more to study.” -Shayna Egan


Work Horse Metals is the name of her independent jewelry studio that encompasses her body of work specializing in materials such as brass, and enamel. Shayna's sketches of distant landscapes and hand cut details, are accented by meticulous engraving and hand fabrication add a thoughtful timelessness to each piece.

Artist Work


Horse Brass Brooch
Brass. 1.5 inch diameter. 2018


Momo Brooch
Brass Brooch for motorcycle. 


Origints: Unearthing the Montana Sapphire Exhibition Process.
August 2018