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About Us

Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery represents the work of artists from the US and abroad, showcasing an extensive collection of contemporary jewelry art made with precious and non-precious metals, as well as nontraditional materials.

Established in the early '80s in Downtown Seattle by local entrepreneur, author, and art enthusiast Karen Lorene, Facèré Gallery has now expanded to two locations inside the Seattle and Bellevue studios of Green Lake Jewelry Works, a custom jeweler that has been open for over 20 years.

Karen Lorene outside her Jewelry Art Gallery: Facèré in the Sheraton Hotel, Seattle, Circa 1980.


"Facere" the Latin root for "to make" or "to do" says: handmade, one-of-a-kind, and hello - how - dee - doo! Over a glass of wine and an open dictionary, Don and I found this wonderful word. We took Vanity Fair uptown to the Sheraton Hotel. (Needing a final touch we added French accents.) -Karen Lorene on the meaning of her word: Facèré


Founder of Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery, Karen Lorene, and Founder of Green Lake Jewelry Works, Jim Tuttle.

Green Lake Jewelry Works is recognized locally and nationally for their exceptionally handcrafted custom engagement rings and unique custom jewelry pieces. In their studios, master jewelers create and craft a variety of jewelry pieces marrying new technology (CAD, CAM, CNC) and classic jewelry-making techniques like hand-carved wax, lost wax casting, setting, filigree and metal fabrication. 

In the Bellevue studio, Green Lake's artists craft jewelry by hand every day.

We welcome you to visit our new gallery located inside the studios, where the Green Lake workshops are active seven days a week, creating and designing jewelry.