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Origins: Unearthing the Montana Sapphire

August 28 - September 30, 2019

  • Location: Facèré Bellevue (25 Bellevue Way NE)
  • Exhibition Opening: August 28, 2019
  • Talk at 6:30pm

Learn about the sourcing and mining of Montana sapphires with Green Lake Jewelry's own sapphire expert, Brant Kane, and Lapidary, Daniel Canivet. 

The Facèré Gallery will feature the works of our artists utilizing both faceted and rough Montana sapphires. Come see the work of Liaung-Chung Yen, Melinda Risk, Elisa Bongfeldt, Peg Fetter, Janis Kerman, and more.








Piece by Piece: Narrative & Found Object Jewelry Inspired by the legacy of Ramona Solberg & Ron Ho

Location: Facèré Bellevue (25 Bellevue Way SE) 

Exhibition Opening: June 12, 2019 6:30pm

In honor of the Ron Ho Retrospective at the Bellevue Arts Museum (Ron Ho: A Jeweler’s Tale, May 10 – September 15) we are hosting an exhibition that will coincide with the timing and theme of Kiff Slemmon’s keynote presentation "Finding the Object." Artists are invited to explore the use of narrative and found objects in jewelry art and connections between making and collecting. Piece by Piece refers to the many ways of piecing together a story, a collection, a life, a work of art.


Right On! Rites, Rituals, Remembrances
February 7th – March 2nd 2018

Objects have the power to contain and create stories, meaning, and messages. Facèré presents "Right On! Ritess, Rituals, Remembrances," an exhibition featuring twenty-two artists as they explore and reinterpret the nature of talismans, tokens, and amulets.

Janis Kerman
March 22nd – April 12th 2018
"There is a symbiotic relationship between fine art and all forms of design - a conceptual fluidity where influences may move freely between disciplines promoting exchange and evolution."

Featured Artists Kranitzky & Overstreet
October 31st – November 15th 2017
Robin Kranitzky and Kim Overstreet began collaborating in 1985, after discovering their mutual interest in making jewelry from repurposed materials.

Kirk Lang
June 14th – July 3rd 2017
An exhibition of new work from metalsmith Kirk Lang. Inspired by the shapes, materials, and textures of outer space and extraterrestrial travel, Lang's kinetic sculptures and jewelry art incorporate titanium, niobium, and meteorite.

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
February 3rd – 23rd 2016
Jewelry art to bamboozle, bemuse, tickle the brain, surprise intellect and reward curiosity.

Signs of Life
October 4th – 24th 2017
Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery presents "Signs of Life," a combined literary journal and jewelry art exhibition featuring the work of nine artists. The journal pairs these artists with nine writers, culminating in a unique publication celebrating the literary and jewelry arts.

Kat Cole: Urban Color
September 6th – 25th 2017
An exhibition of new work by artist Kat Cole exploring color, texture, and architecture in intimate, wearable sculptures.

Pattern, Rhythm, Repetition
August 2nd – 22nd 2017
What do animal prints, chain mail, and nautili have in common? - Pattern, Rhythm, Repetition — Facèré presents an exhibition of nine jewelry artists exploring the organic, mathematical, and architectural—from texture to statement—from simple to complex.

Artist Feature: Trudee Hill
May 24th – June 13th 2017
Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery is pleased to present an online exhibition of work by Trudee Hill. Using her signature square, sterling silver wire to form precise words, phrases, and symbols, this collection brings new meaning to the term 'statement jewelry'.

Drawing the Line
May 3rd – 23rd 2017
"Drawing the Line" features nine artists who incorporate line as a fundamental axis of their work, whether it is in the exploration of narrative, creation of space, or the pursuit of design.

Marcia Meyers
March 15th – April 4th 2017
Negative space is the jumping off point for this series inspired by the form and rhythm of desert and ocean landscapes.

Celestial: Comets, Cupids, and Other Heavenly Bodies
February 8th – 28th 2017

Marine Life Evolved
March 23rd – April 13th 2016
An exhibition of new work by Nancy Mēgan Corwin inspired by the artist's extensive travels, collection and study of sea based life. With a close attention to detail and pattern, Corwin re-imagines the natural world through her jewelry.

Meeting of Minds
May 11th – 31st 2016
An exhibition focusing on the collaborative work of nine artist pairs who support each other in various creative contexts, whether it is directly in the making process or behind the scenes.

Signs of Life 2016
October 19th – November 9th 2016
A combined literary journal and contemporary jewelry art exhibition featuring the work of nine jewelry artists