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Jana Brevick

Shazam Earrings
Sterling Silver

Because of her father’s career as a project engineer, Jana’s family moved to many states across the US, and countries from Netherlands to Columbia. In the early 1990s she settled in Washington. She received her BFA in Metal Design from University of Washington and BA in Apparel Design from Western Washington University. 

"I guess I have two creative sides—I work in fine gold; a material, in my view, that lends itself better to an organic result. With gold, the physicality of the process is much more obvious: hammering, forging, and leaving the metal sort of rough.
I also have this other half of creativity that I have to draw out and measure before I make it, rather than starting with a lump and making it into something. I think the two sides of creativity compliment each other—my studio practice and brain—but right now I have been really focused on the half that is measured and geometric: making a planned piece instead of an accident.
I pull a lot from pop culture of the 1960s and 70s, geometry, Bucky Fuller, and science in general. I’m always trying to find out about neat connections, and I love learning about new technology. I dip back into old technology—because I think when computers started influencing our lives, it all happened so quickly that our brains and society didn’t really catch up. All the leftover stuff—the old tubes and parts and connectors and on off switches—all that stuff is really beautiful to me. We just trample on so fast towards our new technology and throw that old shit over our shoulder.." - Jana Brevick Interview by Olivia McCausland


Infinity Fits In My Hand: Solo exhibition in 2015 at the Bellevue Arts Museum 



Ornament Magazine, The Stranger, Seattle Post-Intellgencer, and Lark Books 1000 Rings


Fellowship and GAP grants from Artist Trust



Current Work


Six Spheres Bracelet
in Spring Steel



Prism Necklace
Prism, Rectangle Bent Neckpiece with Chain In Sterling Silver

Past Work


R is for Robot
'StarWrangler' Necklace in sterling silver, 14k gold, 24k gold, glass lens, bicycle brakes, steel, plastic, and diamonds. 7.9 x 2.8 x 0.8". Necklace cord different than shown.  Exhibit: ABeCeDarian 



Puffer Ring
22k gold and 14k white gold ring with five 0.24TCW white diamonds (VS1, G). Top has a 1/2" diameter. Size 5 1/2.