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Ford and Forlano

 David Forlano and Steve Ford met in Rome during their college days and have worked together in creative partnership for decades. They were early innovators in the use of polymer clay. Their work often finds inspiration in nature and then allows the color and abstract patterns to take the lead. The pair have gone on to design and bold sophisticated jewelry that is deeply inventive manipulation of polymer clay

“Our collaborative practice involves sending work between our Philadelphia and Santa Fe studios. We had a strong foundation of working with materials and ideas back in art school, where we met in Rome in 1984. We could not have been more different, or more unlikely to collaborate. David created large abstract paintings in which color and the physicality of paint were a major component. Steve's work, in contrast, was based on the question: "How can I make a painting as an object, a fully integrated three- dimensional piece?”

Steve Ford, living in Philadelphia and David Forlano, now in Santa Fe, both have BFA from the Tyler School of Art. Collaborating for decades, they have won numerous awards including the Gold Award from the Smithsonian Craft Show, best of show in Philadelphia Craft Show and numerous Awards of Excellence from the American Craft Council. They have appeared in publications such as American Craft and Ornament, interviews on u-tube. Their work is in permanent collections such as Fuller Craft Museum, and Museum of Fine Art in Boston. 

Current Work

Big Bead Necklace 
Necklace in polymer, sterling silver, and magnets. 23 x 1 1/2". 
Exhibit: A Meeting of Minds 

Hydro Top Brooch #418 
Brooch in polymer and sterling silver. 2 3/8 x 2 1/4". 
Exhibit: Holiday Show 


Past Work


Brooch in polymer and sterling silver. 5.25 x 3.5 x 0.5" 
Exhibit: Celebrating 70 
Button Earrings #245 
Post earrings in polymer and sterling silver. 1" diameter. 
Exhibit: Holiday Show 


Pillow pendant in sterling silver and polymer with oxidized sterling silver neckwire that is 18" in length (not pictured). Pendant measures 2.5" in diameter. 
Exhibit: Subtle Set