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Elisa Bongfeldt

Floating Teardrop Necklace
Oxidized Sterling Silver And 22K Gold

Elisa Bongfeldt works by hand using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Her primary materials are sterling silver tubing and 22k bimetal — 22k yellow gold fused to sterling silver. Through a play of scale, pattern, and repetition, she creates elegant forms inspired by the clean lines and structures of industrial design and architecture.


“My goal is to create timeless work that is modern and wearable.” -Elisa Bongfeldt Artist Statement


Elegance and simplicity are the defining features of Elisa’s jewelry. She lives and works in Berkley, California and exhibits her work internationally.

Current Work


Oval Link Bracelet
Oxidized Sterling Silver Bracelet, 1" wide, 6 3/4" long


Coveted Bead Necklace 
Oxidized Sterling Silver necklace with found beads, one button, black tourmaline, and 22k fabricated elements.Piece by Piece exhibition: Narrative & Found Object Jewelry Inspired by the legacy of Ramona Solberg & Ron Ho" June 2019


Oval Link Brooch
Oval Link Brooch Oxidized Sterling Silver, 3"