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Cynthia Toops & Dan Adams

The Divine Archer
Iron, Copper, stainless steel, and polymer clay micromosaic.
Originally from Hong Kong, Cynthia Toops lives and works in Seattle, sharing a studio with her husband, glass artist Dan Adams. Collaborations are a constant part of Cynthia’s work. Along with her husband with whom she spends long hours researching and planning, collaborators include metalsmiths Nancy Bonnema, Chuck Domotrovich, Juan Reyes and many others. 
Best known for her time-intensive figurative and abstract micro-mosaics, Cynthia Toops is a master of polymer clay, using it to create everything from colorful illustrations to elaborate abstract forms out of flat sheet. While her micro-mosaics are in the tradition of Huichol Indian seed beads and ancient Roman micro-mosaics, their colors and illustrative qualities are all their own. A world traveler and collector, Cynthia’s work is influenced by her fascination with ethnic and folk art. Her academic background includes studies in biology and printmaking. Her work is included in major museums across the U.S.

“In scale and utility, beads as objects of personal adornment are perfect for the body....After twenty years of making jewelry we continue to collaborate...we both seek to reinterpret the past, hoping to create new artifacts that will inspire as we have been inspired.” -Cynthia Toops Artist Statement
Green Necklace
Green Necklace features glass and polymer beads hand crafted by Cynthia Toops And Dan Adams. Approximately 20 1/2 " in length. Largest bead approximately 1" in diameter.
Dan Adams works full time at a laboratory, making glass beads and jewelry art night and weekends. Originally trained in Anthropology, he is intrigued with the history of glass and the use of beads throughout world culture. An interest in tribal design, contemporary design, and natural history all translate into his beads.

Current Work

Necklace in polymer micro-mosaic, sterling silver, and gold leaf over black enamel (on reverse). Metalwork by Nancy Bonnema. Pendant measures 2.75" x 2.25" 
Exhibit: Matter of Material 

Past Work

The Sorceress 
Brooch/pendant in polymer mosaic and sterling silver. Metalwork by Nancy Bonnema. 2 3/4" diameter. SOLD 
Exhibit: Something Wild This Way Comes 
Custom Portraits 
Cynthia can create custom, micro-mosaic portraits of people and pets from photographs! Brooch in sterling silver and polymer micro-mosaic. 

Tiger Girl 
Mosaic brooch in polymer clay with sterling silver bezel by Chuck Domitrovich. Approx 2 1/2 x 1 7/8". 
Exhibit: Featured Artist: Cynthia Toops : 'Playtime' 
S is for Shoes 
'Dancing Shoes' Necklace in polymer micro-mosaic, sterling silver, and leather. 1 x 0.3 x 0.2" each shoe. 
Exhibit: ABeCeDarian