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April Higashi

Pear Teardrop Shaped Rose Cut Diamond Solitaire

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April Higashi has been working as a contemporary art jeweler, gallerist, and curator in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years. Her pieces are both contemporary and ancient in feel, combining enamel, rose cut stones, natural diamonds, and precious metals to create rich color fields, unique textures and unexpected relationships.


“With my work, I seek to create a simple sense of beauty and leave a timeless imprint for my audience’s reflection.” -April Higashi Artist Statement

April Higashi was born in Utah but has resided in the San Francisco Bay area since graduating high school.  In 1990, she received her BFA from the University of San Francisco in textiles. After a few years of traveling and working in the garment industry, she started exploring and creating in the metal world. In the next few years, she co-created Fortuna Metalsmiths and then in 2003 started her own gallery, Shibumi Studio. 



Victoria and Albert Museum, Sofa Chicago, Philadelphia Museum Art Craft Show 


Lark Book 500 Wedding Rings

Current Work

Red Diamond Slice Ring
Red diamond slice(1.90ct), platinum foil backed, in 18k gold. Stone measures approx 15 x 11mm. Size 6.25 (May be sized to fit) 
Exhibit: So Fine 


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Past Work


Sideways Pear Sapphire
Palladium ring with a 2.1ct sideways pear sapphire (approximately 7mm x 11mm). 2mm wide band. Approximate size 6 . 



Diamond Halo Ring
Palladium ring with white rose cut center diamond (0.48ct), surrounded by sixteen 1mm brilliant cut diamonds. 8x10mm wide top. 2mm wide band. Size 7 (may be sized to fit). 
Exhibit: Holiday Show