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Collection: Piece by Piece ind.

Piece by Piece: Narrative & Found Object Jewelry Inspired by the legacy of Ramona Solberg & Ron Ho

Location: Facèré Bellevue (25 Bellevue Way NE) 

Wednesday, June 12 to Wednesday, July 3rd

In honor of the Ron Ho Retrospective at the Bellevue Arts Museum (Ron Ho: A Jeweler’s Tale, May 10 – September 15) we are hosting an exhibition that will coincide with the timing and theme of Kiff Slemmon’s keynote presentation "Finding the Object." Facèré artists are invited to explore the use of narrative and found objects in jewelry art and connections between making and collecting. Piece by Piece refers to the many ways of piecing together a story, a collection, a life, a work of art.

See works grouped by artist in our digital show program. Also included are the story behind select works in the show: 

Piece by Piece: Exhibition Artists


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