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Caitie Sellers's Small Sculptures

Caitie Sellers’ work ranges from one-of-a-kind small sculpture to limited production wearable jewelry. She uses traditional silversmithing techniques along with a unique combination of alloys and industrial materials to explore dimension, line, and transparency.


“My work is informed by my sense of place and observations of the many cities in which I’ve lived. I draw from themes of urbanization, particularly infrastructure and architecture… I am fascinated with the hidden workings of cities -- beautiful, efficient design that is hidden beneath pavement and brick.”


Caitie Sellers received her BFA in Craft/Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She has spent the last ten years moving between Virginia, Guatemala, Montana, North Carolina, and Texas learning techniques and gathering inspiration for her artwork based on the urban landscape. Her work is shown internationally. Recent exhibitions include “Placeholder,” a solo exhibition at the Ornamental Metals Museum in Memphis, TN, and “Shared Concerns,” a traveling exhibition most recently shown at the Radiant Pavilion Contemporary Jewelry Festival in Melbourne, Australia. She maintains her studio in The Elevator Collective, a multidisciplinary artist studio she opened in Richmond, VA.