Checha Sokolovic

Trained as an architect, Checha finds a new voice in jewelry. She explores familiar architectural forms in her work, creating jewelry of unexpected materials in an unexpected scale.

“It is this building in miniature that presents me with the challenge and excitement of using construction materials out of context. The intrinsic weight of polished concrete floors and stainless steel counters must now translate into wearable objects. A natural and expected crack in concrete walls cannot present itself in jewelry, and so new ways of working with ubiquitous materials must be found. Through the simplicity of geometric shapes, I wish to reveal and translate a hidden beauty and elegance found in the everyday”

Current Work

Sun Goddess Bracelet
Sun Goddess Bracelet. Pvc, Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver Rivets. Diameter 6". Rites, Rituals And Remembrances Show, 2018. By Checha Sokolovic

Twisted Stainless Steel Earrings By Checha Sokolovic

The Grass is Always Greener
The grass is always greener, ring. Found object (silicone), sterling silver, stainless steel. Measurements: 9" x 1/2", Ring size 7.  Piece by Piece show, June 2019



Mellow Yellow Brooch
PVC, stainless Steel, Sterling Silver. Measures 6" x 2 1/4" x 3/4" 

Past Work


Petal 2 Ring
Ring in stainless steel and cement. 3 X 2 X 1/4". Size 8. 
Exhibit: Matter of Material 
Waiting for the Sun
Bracelet bangle in cement and stainless steel. 4 3/4 exterior diameter. 2 1/2" interior diameter.


Bracelet, unrefined CA placer gold, fused 14k yellow and rose gold, carved and engraved Argentium silver, Necklace in stainless steel, mild steel, cement, and dye. Approx 27" long with a 40" long chain. 
Exhibit: Matter of Material