Featured Artist: Jan Smith: Marked, Stitched and Mended

June 15, 2015 - July 15, 2015

Featured Artist: Jan Smith: "Marked, Stitched and Mended"

Featured artist Jan Smith lives and works in British Columbia. A graduate of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Jan works in precious and non precious materials including enamel, silver, copper, gold, felt, acrylic plastic, resin and steel. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions in North America and Europe and has been with Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery since 2000.



"Memory transforms events into shadows and imbues otherwise quotidian objects with emotional significance. My work concentrates on lasting vestiges of memory, the impressions images and objects leave upon us.

Traditions of drawing and mark making are intrinsic to my practice as an enamel and metal artist. I gather images and detritus, assembling small installations and reference material. I think by making, building surfaces, texture and marks with vitreous enamels in a non-traditional manner.

'Marked, Stitched and Mended' evolves from a relationship with place, an investigation into the simple marks of stitching and mending and patterns in the snow from animals and birds. The pieces act as metaphors for mending one's life, putting the pieces back together after a devastating illness or event. The pieces are a symbol of a new beginning with traces or memories of the experience. I am investigating jewelry as an art form and its placement and function on the body."

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Jan Smith: Traces Neckpiece, Sterling silver, copper enamel and graphite.
Jan Smith
Traces Neckpiece
Sterling silver, copper enamel and graphite.
Item is available Available ($538.00)
Jan Smith: Winter Diagonal Tracelet Brooch, Sterling silver, and copper enamel. 2 1/2" diameter.
Jan Smith
Winter Diagonal Tracelet Brooch
Sterling silver, and copper enamel. 2 1/2" diameter.
Item is available Available ($484.00)

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