Featured Artist: Trudee Hill

September 3, 2008 - September 24, 2008

A 2005 graduate of The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Trudee Hill went on to complete a Fulbright research grant in Tallinn, Estonia. Currently living in Seattle, Trudee describes her work as, '…inherently personal. Every piece I make is based on my desires, for instance two of my word brooches are ardor and fidelity. Those qualities I look for in a potential partner: wit and candor. To remind myself to focus on the moment: savor and relish. Words allow me to convey specific messages. Symbols hint at the things I want most: security, comfort, and understanding. I strive to create work that is bold, straight-forward, and full of resolution. I hope that you will discover or even create your own story within each piece.'

We may have other items from this exhibition which are not shown online and some white-dot items can be special ordered. Please call or come by!