Featured Artist: Sarah Hood

July 2, 2008 - July 23, 2008

'My work is a constant exploration of the natural world, both its forms and its materials. I'm drawn to archetypes, those images floating beneath our collective consciousness - a perfect circle, a smooth and elongated leaf, a bud, a bare tree. I love clean shapes, elegant design, and unexpected combinations of materials. The pieces in the Iconology line have their roots in ancient Eastern design. Inspired by antique Indian coin jewelry, these pieces combine gold and silver discs with traditional Tibetan symbology to produce modern results. Here I bring together a timeless symbol, the circle, with highly stylized imagery that cuts through culture—a breaking wave, a sacred hand gesture, a floating lotus.'

We may have other items from this exhibition which are not shown online and some white-dot items can be special ordered. Please call or come by!