With Bits And Bobs I Feather My Nest
With Bits And Bobs I Feather My Nest

With Bits And Bobs I Feather My Nest

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With Bits And Bobs I Feather My Nest. Necklace in found objects, ancient wood, shells, steel , sterling silver. Measures Approximately 5" x 3"; Chain is 20". 

By Cynthia Toops and Dan Adams; Collaboration with Nancy Bonnema 

 "Somehow the beast I associate with collecting is always a bird. The round box was originally a container for watch parts I found at a rummage sale. It now houses a nest and eggs made from polymer clay placed in front of an enameled back of a watch face. The human-like head is polymer clay micromosaic work. The wood surrounding the box is a gift from Copenhagen-based archaeologist and collector, Torben Sode. It is an ancient (~6,000 year old) find from a dig in eastern Denmark. The brass hands are by Dan Adams. The wings are shell fragments from the beach. The steel on the back is from a garage sale and the gold enameled sections have a feather motif and are by Nancy Bonnema. Photo by Doug Yaple

Piece by Piece exhibition: Narrative & Found Object Jewelry Inspired by the legacy of Ramona Solberg & Ron Ho, June 2019